Guidelines [English]


    Additional information: The applications are read once a week. This means it can take 7 days until you get a feedback.


    • If your application got rejected you can apply again in two weeks (14 days). This means 14 days from your first application.
    • There is always a reason for rejection. Maybe there was important information missing in your application or it didn't conform to our guidelines. If this was the reason, you shouldn't re-apply using wrong information, for example about your age.
    • Because of the above-named arguments it is recommended not to send the same (copied) application. Just write a new one.


    1. You need to be at least 15 years old to apply for being a team-member (for TS³ and / or minecraft).
    2. You need to be at least 12 years old to apply as an Ingame-clan-member (p.e. GuildWars2).
    3. You should own a microphone or headset with good quality, so that you can communicate with us on TeamSpeak³.D
    4. You should be online regularly and you should see STAC as a main-clan. As a member of our server team and as an ingame-team-member you need to represent in the specific games.
    5. It is important to us that you are at least neutral to any kind of person around, if not friendly. As a team member you should be open and cooperative, helpful, to all the users, even if supporting is not one of your tasks.
    6. As a team-member you need the phone-application called Telegram, so that we can add you to our group '[STAC] Officers'.
    7. As an ingame-clan-member you should either have What'sApp or Telegram besitzen, so that we can add you to the specific Ingame-Clan-Group to have you up to date on news.
    8. The integration in the groups automatically happens when your application has been accepted (because you have already given your phone number or Telegram name in your application).

    We can't wait to get your application!

    Please also read our server rules, but also the 'How to apply'-Instructions, before applying.